Service Agreements Mas els Igols SCP

Mas els Igols SCP is an artist run residency that takes care and responsibility for it's artist. We focus on creating an art space that fits the needs of our resident artists. Studios and shared spaces are optimized for a productive stay. The hotel rooms meet the standards of Spanish rural hotels and are fully furbished including sheets and towels.


  • A non-refundable 50% downpayment has to be made to make a reservation in Mas els Igols.

  • The non-refundable remaining 50% of the residence fee has to be paid ultimately two months before the start of the program.

  • The remaining fee, if paid earlier, is only refundable if we receive a cancellation at least 3 months in advance.

  • Expenses for money transfers are for the artist.

  • Mas els Igols SCP has the right to refuse artists if they have not made the payment in time.

  • The room will become available to other artists if payments are not received on time.

Tools & Machines

Residents are welcome to use machines and tools available in the residency.

  • Tools and machines can be used on the responsibility of the artist.

  • If artists are not familiar with a machine or tool they should ask for advice to the owners of Mas els Igols SCP before using the machines.

  • Any improper use of machines or tools by the resident that causes damage is for the account of the artist.

Legal Notice

  • If an artist shows unacceptable behavior to owners, other residents, building or belongings of Mas els Igols SCP, Mas els Igols SCP has the right to expel the artist from the residency without refunding. Some examples of unacceptable behavior are: substance abuse, sexual harassment of others in the residency, verbal or physical aggression, stealing from others in the residency, damaging belongings of others in the residency

  • The artists are responsible for their possessions and behavior. Mas els Igols SCP is not responsible for the possessions and behavior of artists in- nor outside their buildings.

  • Damage caused to belongings of Mas els Igols SCP will be recovered from the artist.

  • Damage caused to possessions or people can not be recovered from Mas els Igols SCP.

  • All our services are subject to the Spanish law.

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