Switch on all your senses

Soul farm Mas els Igols is a remarkable and serene rural hotel and retreat center. Apart from lodging in lovely rooms filled with beautiful art you can also experience unique workshops, clinics and services such as yoga and meditation classes, art workshops, coaching sessions, a private chef or wine tastings. Expect a holiday, a retreat or a special occasion (such as a wedding or business event) tailored to your needs in the dreamy setting of the Catalonian countryside.

There are 7 beautiful spacious bedrooms, each with a modern bathroom en suite. An inspiring large and modern kitchen, a wonderful yoga/meditation studio, an art studio, a patio, a garden with terrace and dining area under a giant fig-tree and a saltwater pool with lounge area.

Although there is enough space and privacy in and around the house, the atmosphere is generously warm and homely. All spaces are ‘touched by the golden hands’ of hostess and artist Iris Tonies. Every room breathes her creative expressions.

ECO-Fact: The soul farm is designed and modernized to minimize the carbon footprint. Nurturing people, nurturing our planet.

Hosts & Owners

Arnout and Iris had been living on a sailing yacht in Barcelona while running an art school when they decided to buy an old and ruined Catalonian farmhouse near Barcelona in 2013. Together with their children they moved to Mas els Igols in the middle of the Pènedes vineyards. First they ran an artist residency for 5 years and bit by bit they transformed the place into a precious gem, that breaths an inspiring atmosphere. Together they make you feel at home so you can switch on all your senses, put down your burdens and enjoy inner peace and “Live Light”.

Arnout Krediet

“I love it when people sit at my table enjoying a delicious and wonderful meal while having a great conversation.”


Host, Writer, Coach & Captain


Mas els Igols has become a part of who I am. It feels almost like a second skin. I know every little detail of the farm and touched each and every stone to turn it into a warm, personal and characteristic place inspired by our love for building, for art and for people. It is such a joy making you feel at home in our paradise surrounded by the vineyards.


“I find it so rewarding to transform this house into a lush world, where people dine under my lamp, dream between my blankets and enjoy my art.”


Artist & Ritual Designer

Everywhere I walk I see beauty, colors, shapes and contrasts. The visual realm speaks a natural language to me. Sharing this language with the world by translating it into art is my purpose as an artist. Mas els Igols was like a blank canvas for me where I could experiment with interior design and create an optimal setting for a mindful lifestyle. ‘Love for Life’ is my central theme; creating special moments and rituals to celebrate life.

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