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The Big (re)Treat

April 24 @ 4:00 pm April 29 @ 11:00 am


Languages: Spanish, English, and Dutch
People: Arnout Krediet & Chef

For whom?

Bon vivants. Sloths. Gourmands. People who want to sit back and just ‘be’.

What is it?

Standing still is great progress.
For one lovely week you will just celebrate life to the fullest through all your senses. Let the balance tip for the good. Hand a gift to yourself. Indulge yourself with the great healthy food prepared by our private chef. Stay in a beautiful place. Feast on local culture and wine. Meditate in a nest full of soft pillows (only if you wish). Be surrounded by art and beautiful stories. Let the time slide by completely effortlessly.

Grow by caring

Of course there is an idea behind this week. I truly believe in a good conversation, coaching, psychotherapy, etc. Personal growth does not happen by itself. Yet, I also believe that relaxation comes above and before all else. Everything grows better when it is free and lives under ideal conditions. The trick is to find that peace. This week is geared towards that; grow by taking care of yourself.

The end goal of the week is that you never want to leave.

Activities (all optional):


Wine tastings
Some lazy excursions
A private room
Strolling on the beach and/or through the forest
3 delicious fresh healthy meals daily with matching drinks and wines
A good conversation (if needed)