Artist residencies in Mas els Igols

In the hotel we reserved spaces for artist to come and work on their art. We accept artists from all disciplines; visual artists, writers, designers, architects, curators, illustrators, etc. As long as you come to make art! You can work self-directed in and around the estate, join group activities and receive extra guidance from the owners. In the residency we commonly house professional artists seeking:

  • an artistic refuge where you can develop new ideas or concepts in full focus
  • time to create new work for a show
  • to expand their international artistic network
  • time for retrospection on your position in the art world

Studio with great light

panorama art studio- light-AIR artist residence studio with a view art-studios-two artists in resident art-studios-equator resident-artist-studio-big

In house screenprint studio

In the old wine bodega we installed our large scale screen-printing equipment. We can explain how the machines work or give you a workshop at an additional cost. The screen printing installation consists of the following machines:

  • big (165x165) exposure unit
  • (165x165) drying cupboard
  • screen cleaning watertight unit
  • power washer
  • used screens, squeegees, emulsion scoop coaters, clamps, paints & emulsion

You can take a course with Arnout for €30 (½ day workshop, the end result is a prepped screen and a print, minimum 3 p.) or if you are already familiar with the technique Arnout will give you a quick explanations of buttons and tools for free.

Printing workshop

screenprint-studio-entrance hand-press-2 hand-press-1 Exposure unit & washing cabinet drying board & screens drying board screens squeegees

Ceramic facilities

Owner Iris Tonies is a professional ceramist artist and offers her tools to share. The kiln is 50 Liters and reaches temperatures upto 1080 C. You can use the kiln for €15/firing.

  • 50L kiln
  • clay
  • tools

Working with clay

ceramic-studio-tools ceramic-kiln ceramic-studio-work