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In 2007 visual artist Iris Tonies and writer/entrepreneur Arnout Krediet sailed their live-a-board ship around Europe to dock in Barcelona. They immediately started an artistic co-working and exhibition space for international artists downtown that evolved to be an international art academy with an adjacent exhibition space downtown Barcelona.

In 2014 Iris and Arnout added a new project to the nomadic family for professional artists in their community. They restored a gigantic (1000 m2) wine farm situated in the paradisaical Cava area Penedes into an artists residency. Since 2015 a maximum of 10 artists are welcome to stay on the former wine estate to work on their artistic endeavors. The estate is also used as a refuge for workshops for students attending the academy and artists in the residency visit the academy to teach, collaborate and share ideas with the students.

The mansion is a strong art community building refuge where artists seek to produce work in full focus and enjoy the company of other artists from all over the world.

Artist profile

The residency is a place where you can fully focus on producing art amongst other artists. It is possible to be guided by owners Arnout or Iris at an extra cost (€150/month). You mainly work self-directed and in and around the estate. In the residency we commonly house professional artists seeking:

  • an artistic refuge where you can develop new ideas or concepts in full focus
  • time to create new work for a show in our gallery in Barcelona or for a show you have planned
  • to expand your international artistic network
  • time for retrospection on your position in the art world

Included in the residency

Mas els Igols is situated in the Penedes, famous for producing the Spanish bubbling wine Cava. The estate was formerly used as a winery and is surrounded by vineyards that are now taken care of by Pere Rafecas Jr. and Sr..

  • 20 m studio space surrounded by the vineyards of Barcelona (in the Penedes)
  • private room
  • shared kitchen
  • access to a large art documentary hard drive with around 900 documentaries
  • weekly transfers to Barcelona (2 x week, €3,50 per train ride)
  • screen printing workshop & equipment (for screens up to 150 x 140 cm.)
  • access to a kiln, tools for welding, wood, etc.
  • exhibition in Barcelona (after a minimum stay of 2 months this is included in the fee)
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