Mas els Igols - Artist lodge & creative retreat

Mas els Igols is an oasis-like estate that offers homely lodging for one or two families that love creativity, outdoor activities & healthy local food. The two guest areas (for max 8 and max 4 p.) with their outdoor spaces are fully independent units within the large 1000 m2 farmhouse and have their own kitchen & living areas, a separate entrance and facilities like washer, fridge, tv, etc. The front garden and pool are shared between guests and hosts.

The en suite rooms are appointed with handpicked furniture and splashed with original art and homemade objects. This personal touch creates a warm and welcoming environment where it is easy to feel at home.

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How it came to be so unique...

In 2007 visual artist Iris Tonies and Arnout Krediet sailed their live-a-board ship around Europe to dock in Barcelona. They immediately started an artistic co-working and exhibition community for international artists downtown, Estudio Nómada. 

This creative community grew in 2014 when they added a new project to the nomadic family for professional artists. They restored a gigantic (1000 m2) wine farm situated in the paradisaical wine region Penedès to become an artists residency for independent creative spirits. 

Until 2020 the estate went through the final stages of reforming & restyling. All spaces have been upgraded and dotted with the art of guest artists and Iris herself. A frenzy for and flea-markets adds a rural eclectic touch to the mansion. The tireless tandem of Iris' endless creativity and Arnouts high-and-handy energy has now made the farm eco-friendly and perfect to house families, friends and groups with a tendency to creativity, cooking, and outdoor living. Some rooms remain available for traveling artist or researchers & entrepreneurs in the field of sustainability that wish to develop ideas in an inspiring environment.

At present Mas els Igols is a pleasant blend of responsible living, a private collection gallery and a retreat for body and mind.