Double room Sot

This spacious former oil pressing area has recently been suited for comfortable living. The spacious en suite bedroom is decorated by hand made objects and art and furniture from the private collection of residency owners Iris & Arnout. The personal touch give a welcome and homely feeling.


  • 15 m2
  • Double bed 1,40 x 2,00
  • Private bathroom
  • Direct access to studio space
  • High ceiling
  • North view at the vineyards
  • Price: €800/month if used by a single person, €900/month for a couple

Sot: French for fool and known for the best part of the chicken ‘Sot l’y laisse’ (the fool who leaves it) also the name of a high end restaurant where owners Iris and Arnout worked for many years learning about wine, good food and the ins and outs of hospitality.