In the Soul Farm we organize (re)treats with attention to body, mind and soul.

The (re)treats are firmly rooted and at the same time spiritual. Practical and enlightening. The spaces at Mas els Igols have been lovingly designed with the aim of being a safe nest where you can relax, get off the beaten track and experiment with new approaches to life. A team of experienced people is at your disposal and the healthy food is provided by a professional private chef.

This is a real treat for people that that just want some me-time.

March 10 - 13

Spanish, English and Dutch

€1690 (incl. artwork worth €1100)
People: Iris Tonies & Arnout Krediet

Ritual design

For whom

Milestones are essential to remember and celebrate. This week is for people who love to create and who dream of collaborating with ritual designer Iris Tonies to design a personalized ritual art piece. In Iris’ amazing ceramics studio you will co-create a unique work with the symbols and themes that are dear to you. This is the best activity if you are looking for a good reason to both relax and be creative in a wonderful place in Spain.

The week

In a week full of creativity and reflection, you will work with Iris to design a ceramic work of art for in your home. This can be a wall jewel or a home altar, but also another work that can be designed during the week.

In my art I put a lot of personal experiences. The importance of rituals in processing our emotions is big; they provide guidance to help us lead happier lives. In recent years I have regularly helped people by packaging their personal stories into symbols and shapes and incorporating them into my art. This process is very dear to me and forms the basis of this (re)Treat.

During the week there is extensive attention to work together in my studio, to talk about the themes you want to dedicate your artwork to and to research symbols and shapes that make your artwork personal. In addition, we organize morning meditations and we enjoy delicious lunches and dinners.

The end result of the week is a design for a work of art, which I further develop and finish in the weeks after the (re)Treats. Then I will send the glazed work to you.


  • Art work (value €1100)
  • Food and drinks
  • A private en suite room for three nights
  • Art workshops by Iris

The Big (re)Treat

 For whom?

Bon vivants. Gourmands. People who wish to sit back and just ‘be’.

What is it?

Standing still is great progress.
For a week you will just celebrate life to the fullest through all your senses. Let the balance tip for the good. Hand a gift to yourself. Spoil yourself with great food prepared by our private chef. Stay in a beautiful place. Feast on local culture and wine. Meditate in a nest full of soft pillows (if you wish). Be surrounded by art and beautiful stories. Let the time slide by completely effortlessly.

Grow by caring

Of course there is an idea behind this week. I truly believe in a good conversation, coaching, psychotherapy, etc. Personal growth does not happen by itself. Yet, I also believe that relaxation comes above and before all else. Everything grows better when it is free and lives under ideal conditions. The trick is to find that peace. This week is geared towards that; grow by taking care of yourself.

The end goal of the week is that you never want to leave.

Activities (all optional):

  • Strolling on the beach and/or through the forest
  • Wine tastings
  • 3 delicious fresh healthy meals a day with matching drinks and wines
  • Daily meditations
  • 24-29 April

  • Language: English, Spanish, Dutch
    By: Arnout Krediet & Chef
    Price: €1350

11 – 14 February or
18 – 20 February

Max. 12 people

Price  2 days / 12 p.: €1900

Valentine (re)Treat - group package

This Valentine we offer a romantic package to share with close friends.

What is nicer than to share Love not only with your partner but with your best friends as well? Like celebrating a mini-wedding! In the perfect setting: on a quiet romantic spot, eating great food, sipping amazing wine, enjoying lovely views and warming by plenty candle light (and floor heating!)!

For whom?

A group of friends or a family that is really looking forward to be and enjoy life together. 


What is included?

This (re)treat in Mas els Igols is a package offer including:

  • Lazy Sunday Love Lunch (Value €40 p.p.)
  • Two nights rent of the full house (Value €1700)
  • Super late check-out on your third day
  • Two bottles of local ecological sparkling wine Cava (Value €20)
  • Valentine Breakfast (Value €16 p.p.)

Because of COVID restrictions we have a maximum attendance of 12 people. You have to bring a negative antigen test to join the (re)Treat. We have large doors and a very large living/kitchen where you can sit far enough from each other if requested.