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Nearest village & groceries
The nearest village is Sant Marti Sarocca. You can get there by bike (15 min. bike ride). In the village you will find everything you need; there are supermarkets, a pharmacy, a couple of bars, etc. Torrelles de Foix is a nice 20 minute walk the other way.

Bikes, Car, Taxi
There a bikes available to go shopping or to do excursions in the area.
We also offer a taxi service, please ask us for more details.

How to get to Barcelona city
To get to Barcelona, you can take a bus to Vilafranca. You can find the bus stop in front of gas station ‘La Benzinera’. You can find the bus times here. A ticket for the bus is around €10,- for 10 rides, you can also use this ticket for public transport in Barcelona.
The trains leave every thirty minutes from Vilafranca to Barcelona, a one way ride costs €4,90 and takes around 50 minutes. Check the train schedule.
Once a week we organize transport to and from the station so you can get there easily.

What to visit

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